License #2754

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Colorado Mountain Lion Hunting with Big Cat Outfitters

Welcome to Big Cat Outfitters! Lion hunting is not only our passion, it’s an obsession!

We have years of experience hunting these elusive predators & want each of our hunters to experience the thrill of a hunt that will last a lifetime!

Quite honestly, we are addicted to the sound of our dogs striking on a trail & doing what they love to do! We have a pack of excellent hounds that truly love their job!

None of our hunts are ever guaranteed, but so far success rates on good quality lions are close to 100%. Our hunts are strictly fair chase. 4x4 trucks & 4 wheelers with track systems are our mode of transportation.

We hunt various types of terrain as well as weather conditions, which can be very exciting and demanding at the same time. Therefore, good physical condition is recommended to make your hunt more enjoyable. The terrain will vary from sagebrush flats to steep Rocky Mountains. The weather can vary daily as well. Average temps November through March can be anything from -15 below zero to 45 above. You will need to be prepared for the varying conditions as you can have wind, rain, snow & mud all in the same day.